Awwwww.... nice!! :-D

    Just seen on the QuidCo homepage, the beginning of the article shows with the option to read more. is the UKs favourite on-line DVD, CD, game and book retailer. With a great proposition of low prices and a hug...

    Awwwww!! A hug!! That's cute. make me feel all warm inside!!


    You did read on didn't ya!!!

    With a great proposition of low prices and a huge range.


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    I know it's like that on purpose. I just prefer the first proposition they made. ;-) I need lots of hugs right now, hehe.

    @ The Duck

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    . :-d .

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    Have you noticed that you can't just put the " :-D " smiley in a post on its own?? :-(

    no, you need a dot. And it needs a capital D.

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    I know it does, but the forum converts capitals to lower case if the message is all in caps.
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