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Found 7th Nov 2017
hello can i control a group where devices on and off, so if i tell it bed, it turn off all lights and put bed room light on.

i can't do scene as it different devices,

also when i create group now i can select echo dots, but only once, what is this.

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You need smart lights

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yea i no this 🤣🤣, i sorted out my self axela now included routine so i can program devices on and off at different stages

In the Alexa app you need to go into smart home - then groups. You can then add multiple devices which you would turn on or off ie Alexa turn off room lights, or Alexa turn on bedroom lights.

Dont think you can specify x amount of lights off and x amount of lights on, but routines may do this - I havent used routines myself but does look like it should do what your asking.
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