Ayone got an LG washing machine? what are they like?

Found 20th Nov 2008
domestic & General warranty have just rung me and have decided that as dyson wont get the parts in til mid december they will replace my machine,theyve offered me a LG WM1437WF (link below)
never had an LG anything nor do i know anyone with an LG so what are they like in terms of reliability?
my kitchen appliances are black and theyve offered me.....
pink,blue,red or silver mmmmmmmm nice clash lol

The dyson had a huge drum and done a mass of washing in one load,it states this one is an 8kg load is that just a standard size wash?
thanks in advance
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fantastic machines - very quiet and good economy too.
what i dont get is how do they work on steam?? and if it doesnt do a mass wash load it isnt for me
8kg is a big load

8kg is a big load

whats a standard size washing machine load?
Recently had to say goodbye to our much loved LG. It survived work and a couple of moves in Africa and a move to the Black Country (Very West Midlands) but eventually gave up. Lasted about 20 years, I'd say that's pretty good.
4/5kg. Mine takes 9kg and has halfed the number of loads I do. Each loads takes a little longer but its nowhere near double. Well done on getting a replacement.
they told me i have to pay up my extended warranty (about £40 left) and that i would also have to pay delivery charge of £42.95 which i dont think is very fair,so told them i would take a look at the machine online and get back to them,im trying to find some reviews on it but have drawn a blank
check out [url]www.diynot.com[/url] they advised me to go for a bosch or Miele but Miele was atad out of my price range.

This was the thread here


Miele are excellent machines if you can get one, my friends has been all over the world when she has moved.
after a lil bit of a barter with the warranty company theyve let me have a black one waaahhheyyyy and its more expensive by £200,the good news is its being delivered tomorrow

i cant wait to do my washing now,but the novelty will soon wear off lolol
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