B and M trampolines. Any good?

Found 4th Jul 2018
Hi, been looking for a wee 8ft trampoline for my wee girls birthday next week. They seem to be around £90 in Argos and smyths. However, b and m have one for £70. Does anyone have one and is the quality any good or should I just pay the extra £20. Thanks in advance
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All seem the same generic Chinese made stuff to me. Got grandkids one a few year ago from b&m and it's still OK.
Aldi has the 8ft in stock aswell. Check in the app for price
The Aldi one is justunder 70 but also has the enclosure included
Am i the only one that read this in a Scottish accent

I don't think there's much difference between brands. I would recommend looking into one that has a folding enclosure, as it means you can flip the trampoline on its side if you need space in the garden without having to spend all day trying to undo the damn thing! I think Argos sell one like that.
Thanks everyone for your input. I did see the ones on Aldi but unfortunately they have no stores in Northern Ireland and they’re out of stock for home delivery. I’ll carry on looking!
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