Ba ba ba ba ba ba baaaaaaaaaaa!

    Does anyone know where i could get Pearl & Dean -Theme (Asteroid) from in mp3. I have just downloaded it off itunes, but i want to use it as an intro to a presentation and i will have to clear some songs off my ipod to play it , it would be easier if i had an mp3 version i could play on a mp3 player. Thanks in advance!:)


    I thought this was going to be some Welsh baiting thread. :whistling: :giggle:


    Cant you just convert it and split the bit you want?

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    Yeah i was thinking about converting it, any tips? Never done it before. Thanks :-)

    Seconding sy, :giggle:

    and you've missed off some extra baba's

    baba baba baba baba bababa baba baba baba baba baaaaaaaaaaAAAAA

    might have been more accurate.

    I tried mp3sparks but its not on there....

    you might be able to download it from here (but this might be video)…cfm


    Click here

    Then right click on the music symbol and select 'save target as'
    Save to your hard drive and you can have it as a wma file

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    Thanks for the help everyone! I thought i would leave out some or the title would be long, but i spose it at least would have been a bit more relevant lol. Cheers!
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