BA Possible 90th Birthday Sale 25/08/09

    It's a huge possibilty as Virgin did a similar sort of thing recently so I thought I'd give you a reminder, as above its a possibilty so please dont slate it lol




    Moved to Misc as there is no deal guaranteed

    More like 90th Birthday Bankruptcy...

    thanks hun, it's worth checking out tomorrow at least x x x

    Good thinking. I will have a :thumbsup:look tomorrow, thanks.

    the 25th is today.......

    anyone had a look yet?

    I have about 40k ba miles i need to get rid of soon, before they invalidate.

    Doesnt look to be anything.. unless its something for existing customers via newsletter...

    I have executive frequent flyer membership, lemme check if its any different if i sign in x

    Today British Airways members are invited to save over £32 on 12 world-class wines.

    For only £49.99 (plus £6.99 delivery) you will receive 12 sensational quality bottles, collect 1,000 BA Miles and we will send you fine Rioja and luscious Sancerre Rosé (together worth £21.98) – absolutely free.

    Thats all I see x x x

    Usual carp x
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