BA return flight ticket - help!

    I am due to fly to London from Edinburgh next week to make a connection with Cathay Pacific. I'm worried with the ash cloud situation and if the Scottish airspace was to close on the day of travel then it would leave me no time to find an alternative method of getting to London and I'd lose out on the whole trip.

    I was thinking of booking a coach overnight to London the night before however if I did this and didn't use my outbound flight with BA, would I still be able to use the return portion?


    i would of thought so but if you want a definite answer would it not be better to contact BA rather than getting informed guesses on a web forum?

    yes, you would be able to use the ticket but why not either wait and check the weather forecasts (wind direction),
    you could phone the Met office a couple of days before.
    Why not phone B.A. as stated above but ask them if you can move the flight a day earlier for no extra charge? (Tell them you are worried about the Ash cloud)
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