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Found 27th Sep 2009
My girls just git theyre annabells out. Been in the cuboard for yonks. My 21/2 yr old is now sobbing cos her doll isnt an annabell and doesnt suck her bottle.
Any deals about anyone knows off?
What version annabeel is recent.
Or which version do ya think is best.
Im have one stressful day.
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My 3 girls each have a baby annabelle and they are all different versions seeing as they vary in age but to bw honest they all do much the same and they cant tell the difference. Here is a link to version 4

If it is a faulty doll, there is a place called Dolls Hospital, you send it there and they fix/replace it.
I did this with my girls fault baby annabell. I got the details from the zapf site: zapfcreation.com/uk/…ne/.
It may be worth giving them a call first to see what they say.
Also i last saw tesco instore was the cheapest for a v4 at £17 or so.
the newest have a pink babygrow saw them the other day @ asda living,so the older version will prob be turnin up all over at half price.
they had baby annabel in B&M for around the £10 mark, not sure which version as my daughter has long since outgrown dolls, just remember thinking, how come you couldn't get them for a tenner when she was small, not sure but think they might have been in home bargain too.
I saw one of these in B and M for £19.99
Thanks think ill check out b&m this afternoon then.
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