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Found 24th Jan 2011
Katie sits on her own and now is too big for the bath seat we used to use with her. She can't sit in the bath as she just slides around. What seat could I get her that she won't jump out of but still be safe??

I thought about the Swivel Bath Seat as it's a good price but can't find anywhere doing it with free delivery being a bitty tight as it is January :P haha



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Had the same problem with my 2, either myself or hubby just get in with them now, also have a bath mat
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Could always just get a rubber mat instead.…mp;

i used one of these and when outgrow the seat part can remove and still have the bath mat

they sell the swivel chairs in asda and tesco.

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they sell the swivel chairs in asda and tesco.

Checked nearby stores none in Dundee area at all, even went and checked babiesrus. Nothing

Looked into the aqua pods but £30 is a bit much with the January bills coming through bleugh

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Yeah JL are £9.97 + £3 delivery ....... Hmmmmm

Just put a rubber non slip mat on the bottom.

Although they're a pain to clean when the little darlings decide to poop and it gets stuck in the ridges

I got one you could buy was wanting £4.50 for it but postage is £4.50/4.41 as its 1100g.
I dont know how this stacks up with prices you found.If you like me to do a proper FS thread please PM me

We just got 2 Tesco Value rubber mats... around £2 and do the job perfectly well.

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