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Found 3rd Mar 2010
Hi Guys just a quick one here whats the best baby bottles to buy for a 9 month old baby... ones i have allways brust or leek

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Ive always used avent bottles for my 3

Ive always used avent bottles for my 3

thanks ill give them a try
avent are good or mam bottles, avent espesh good if you express milk as they attach straight to the pump. avent also do multi flow teats which have 3 dif speeds you twist the teat in babys mouth so a 1, 2 or 3 lines up with their nose and it makes the flow come out faster orslower.
tommee tippee closer to nature bottles good, seem to be a nice shape for lo to hold onto as well
cheers guys for the info am going to try the avent ones ... ave got tomme tippee ones a jsut dont like them lol
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