baby boys 1st birthday present

    little mans 1st birthday coming up & no idea what to get him
    will rep any help
    thanks in advance

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    we bought this for our little mans first birthday, brilliant toy still gets loads of play out of it and it helped him to walk.

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    smart trike … smart trike

    thanks will have a closer loo at that
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    smart trike … smart trike

    thanks will have a closer look at that
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    I have had both of the above but none of my 3 were too bothered with these after a few weeks. One thing that all 3 of mine still play with, and my youngest was one last week, is a kitchen. Get a nice sturdy one from little tikes and it will last for years. We got ours from Which often have them in damaged boxes for a lot cheaper. My son also enjoyed his small trampoline and sandpit. Whatever you buy get something which will get used for many years.

    We also bought a trike for our son when he turned 1 as he was given the walker when he was 6 months and was walking by 11 months! X)

    bounce n spin zebra! or a climbing frame/slide!

    I bought this for my son and he loves it: Playskool Busy Ball Popper.347/7647 £24.99 @ Argos…PER


    Striking new vintage style addition to the popular Speedster range. This real metal car for little ones will be a hot favourite especially with the working bell! Much nicer and more durable than plastic and the great value price will be a winner with parents and grandparents. Built in strong steel with ladders, turnable steering and padded seat with back support. 75.5 length x 35 ht cms. Age 1 - 3 SORRY THIS ITEM CANNOT BE GIFT WRAPPED)


    Code: 65035

    In stock

    £64.99 very cheap presents i used this comp all the time lovely ppl to do business with…spx

    i goy my little boy a steiff bear that has wind up music its gorgeous hes 5 now and still loves it plus.....they go up in value sometimes!

    I have bought for a number of nieces and nephews at that age and I find myself moving towards a soft toy (if a winner this will become a fond memory and constant companion, if a dud will be completely forgotten) or a hammer and peg table (becuase I have fond memories of the one I had). Kinda like this:…8-1

    Basically these are toys that are engaging and allows for creativity and imagination. I still remember my Ted, and gifted him onto my first nephew. The peg table can be tricky in the same way a xylophone can be - it's noisy and the child may use the striker/hammer on things that you may not want him to. This has caused a niece of mine to not have the hammer anymore as my sister 'lost' it...
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    thanks for your help evaryone
    i purchased thisYour text here & arrived yesterday
    really pleased with it
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