Baby Bracelets !

Found 2nd Jun 2008
I really need to know the name of a certain type of baby bracelet - i will try to describe them!!
Special baby bracelet that expands as the baby grows! The bracelet has a sort of extension inside the bit that goes round the wrist! It can be used as a christening gift! Sorry for a rubbish description!!
I had one when i was little and want one for my little ones 1st birthday but having trouble finding one one the internet without knowing what they are called!!
Thank you! x
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i still have 2 of these i got when i was christened :), think argos do similar
Loads site sell them as loupomm already said Argos got them,as do most jewellers on high street.

amazon might have some,I'll look,I know they had some good offers on jewellery lately.
[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]try H Samuals
i think i read somewhere, buy 1 get another half price..
are they called expandable baby bangle??[/COLOR]
Do you know i completely forgot about them!! You beauty - thank you!
Expander Bracelet!
Like this ? If so its called an expandable bangle
available at most jewellers as already said, available in gold or silver…let

on jewellery websites just search for christening or expandable bracelets.
i bought my friends little girl one from mothercare and it had a little crown on it saying "princess" and it called also be engraved
think it was a tenner
Thanks everyone! Just couldn't think of what to search for! Kept comin up with charm bracelet which i didn't want!
I've still got mine from when I was christened as a baby (I am 20 now)

I've still got mine from when I was christened as a baby (I am 20 now)

me too and im nearly 22 there really nice to have :thumbsup:
D for Diamond do a lovely range of the expanding children's bracelets in silver and gold.
There are lots on ebay if you search D for Diamond!
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