Baby due in July- Advice on cots, prams etc

    Hi all

    I am hopefully expecting my first child in July. I wanted some advice on the best sites or some good deals on cots, prams, children's clothes or any other things i may need to help us prepare. Any input welcome

    Thanks in advance.



    Take a look at [url][/url] :thumbsup:

    Congratulations. Sleep well now. Register with Pampers web site. Excellent advice

    If you due July you need to start thinking about starting to buy soon.You need to work out what sort of pram you want or travel system if you got a car or you may do a pram and car seat seperate.You need to think about if you going use a crib or moses basket or put your baby straight into a cot. Worth keeping out for baby offers on wipes bogof that sort of thing. Think Sainsburys doing half price on ranges of baby goods at mo.
    Ask around in your family if anyone wants to buy anything in particular.You need to decide how you want to feed your baby too.
    I tend to get sorted out pretty quickly as I'm well into all this,last child I had well I started buying some new things for another baby when she was 6mths old.Call me a bit OTT anyway.
    When you decided what baby items you want then its best to buy an item at a time. Although there are very good offers online,depending on your budget,you might be better buy locally as you can pay installments on the larger items.A lot of pram shops say you buy he pram outright they may store it for you till you need it,or in my case last time round we brought the pram home about 2mths before due date and we had the warranty start on the due date of baby.
    If you don't already have one,get yourself a Boots advantage card as comes in handy for building up points that your receiving for all the nappies etc you will be buying ( oh you could go down the route of not using disposables too )

    Oh yeh forgot to say Congratulations!

    Check out this link in Argos. Some great pushchairs and other baby bits at bargain prices IF available in your area.…htm

    Dont buy an all in on etravel system, waste of money, Plenty of bargains on ebay. Remember most stuff you buy for a baby is only used fror a short time so dont overspend...
    Would reccomend a car seat with a base, makes it much easier to get it in and out. The maxi cosi reange are meant t be the safest according to Which

    Congratulations. Try this website. My daughter has had stuff delivered free to Bath. (orders over £50)

    They always have good deals online but give the store a call because they often can beat the online price!…php

    PS Start stocking up now on sleep.

    I couldn't agree more strongly with Berbatov.

    The Maxi-Cosi PrioriFix Car Seat Group: Group 1 (9-18 kg) 9m-4yrs is very robust and fixes really well.

    It is a solid bit of kit and it is easy peasy to install/remove.

    Safest place to install is behind driver seat so you might want to buy a stick- on rear view mirror so you can keep an eye on baby while driving.

    Boots online have lots of baby stuff and they always seem to be having various offers (e.g. double points on car seats etc). There are also Boots discount codes around (e.g. £10 off £50 shop). If buying online, make sure you use the cashback sites like quidco / pigsback etc.


    I would agree with all of the above. I would certainly ignore the old wives tales about not having the baby stuff until the baby arrives, now is the best time to be stocking up. Its a pleasure choosing and buying the baby stuff now, once baby arrives you honestly won't have time! If like the majority of people, you are on a budget I would definately recommend buying bundles of baby clothes from ebay (or tazbar/ebid) for the first few months, and although it may seem like its tempting fate I would get some early baby items too as they are so expensive in the shops but next to nothing on ebay, just resell them all if you don't use them. As from prams, I love the 3 wheelers as they are great to push and usually fold up nicely. I have the black leopard skin Urban Detour travel system and am still using it 2 years later! I'd recommend a cot bed instead of a cot, slightly bigger and used for the first few years. Moses baskets are great for the early days, (just don't carry baby using the handles, they are decoration only and have been the cause for many a serious accident on stairs when they have snapped!). If you are able to find out the sex of baby on your 20 week scan do so, you can then buy all the clothes, decorate room and give it a name - you are going to find out in July so are not really spoiling the surprise, just finding out earlier than they used to years ago thats all. I could go on forever, this is my favourite topic!

    Join yourself up to mums forums, you will meet others due about the same time all going through the same things. This is a great one for mums due July 08 -…008 and Bounty is quite good too.

    Good luck :thumbsup:

    congrats if you join the toysrus baby club they also send vouchers- i had £20 off a travel system which was already reduced. i've got the graco travel system for my 9 week old, the vivo. it is supposed to be the compact version- it seems huge though when folded so check the fit in your car boot!!


    I had my daughter 5 weeks ago and stocked up on the essentials once i'd passed 12 weeks. Keep an eye out for offers on nappies and wipes etc.

    Sainsbury's have a 4 pack johnson and johnson baby wipes for only £2.50 at the moment and it's all these bits that cost a fortune. So stock up now

    dont use wipes, full of uneccesary chemicals, cotton wool and water are just fine

    Pampers seem the best nappes from all the ones we have used so far


    dont use wipes, full of uneccesary chemicals, cotton wool and water are … dont use wipes, full of uneccesary chemicals, cotton wool and water are just finePampers seem the best nappes from all the ones we have used so far

    Guess we're all different - I personally think wipes are the best thing since sliced bread (or should I say since the Panasonic Breadmaker was invented). I use them for everything, not just bums, clean the laptop, wipe shoes, clean toys, even use them to clean the hallway laminate flooring etc.

    As for nappies, Huggies are the best IMO. If you shop around you can usually get pampers/huggies cheaper than shops own brands too.
    Boots are great. :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Thank you all for your advice and words of well wishing.

    Very useful posts.

    Rep added for all

    Thanks again.:thumbsup:

    If your close to either London or Birmingham you could try the Babyshow
    for large discounts on prams etc and you will also come away with bagfulls of freebies (nappies, wipes, washing powder etc)
    I can also vouch for the Glasgow pram centre which incidentally have a large stand at the Baby show and were the cheapest when we bought our pram.

    Congratulations! I've got a 2 year old and a 6 week old and My big tip is to join as many baby clubs as you can.
    Register online on all of the baby websites to claim many freebies and money off vouchers!!! eg. Pampers, Huggies, mambaby, cow and gate, Tesco baby club, Boots Parenting club, Bounty, emmas diary, hipp baby club. Also some of them you can register in your name and your partners name so you get twice as many!!! Good luck xx

    Hi- we are in same position-new sproglet due in july here too!!!

    We visited sainsbury's today & they currently have a half price offer on wipes, baby cleaning items such as shampoo, baby oil, etc so well useful for stocking up.

    Even sudocrem, gripe water etc was half price so well worth a visit.

    Their chocolate fudge cake is rather splendid too but that's another story!!

    Good Luck

    one cheap place for a cot, and good matress is ikea!!!!
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