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hi my daughter is nearly 11months, at the moment she is having a piece of toast and an 8oz bottle for breakfast then dinner and tea and a couple of snacks inbetween, then she has her bedtime bottle another 8oz. the past few days shes not been finishing her morning bottle so i tried cutting down the oz but she still only seems to drink a couple of oz then doesnt want the rest. from peoples experience is it time to cut the morning bottle out and maybe give her an extra piece of toast to make sure shes full. im worried she wont be getting enough but dont want to keep wasting milk.


When my daughter started having breakfast we cut out the morning bottle. She is 12 months now and only has a bottle at bed

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i think i will try cutting it out, she eats enough food so she wont starve, i cant eat anything without having to give her some lol does your daughter drink much juice, i keep trying mine with juice inbetween meals and she doesnt seem interested in it most of the time apart from to tip it out and make a mess.

She's never had juice, she has water the every meal, then a beaker of milk (cows) with her snack. Her bottle is cows milk as well, she eats a fair bit and generally sleeps through. But everyone is different I suppose, give it a try for a few days, she won't starve!


Aw, she is nearly one.

my LO never took to juice which tbh im not sad about . He was having bottle at night and morning until 2 years. Rest of time drinking plain water or whatever he could sneak ( ie if someone left pop lying about he have a big gulp).
However because he dont like fruit i do give him fruit smoothies regularly and the HV has confirmed im right to do so. She did say to try and liquidise banana n milk. But currently he has the innocent smoothies that come in a tube like frubes yoghurt. I find its just enough as when i was buying the cartons he start messing 1/2 way down.

I Just snip a corner and put a straw in. Hes 31 months now . All kids are different. Oh and hes also partial to a small cup of tea when he asks for it. So i make it quite milky n weak as he dont need caffeine , hes the duracell bunny as it is ( lol)

From a year she can have cows milk.
I found this a lot easier as you just give a few ounces and top up if you need to and so much less faff

What about trying some unsweetened cereal like Weetabix that might fill her up a bit more than the toast? That way she would still be getting her milk and cereals are mostly fortified with vitamins etc.. Good luck.
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