Posted 25th Nov 2022
Hi all, looking for a good quality baby monitor.
Has to have a standalone screen and not mobile phone based.
Looking for good video quality, temperature monitoring and tilt/pan/zoom capabilities.
Does anyone have any recommendations please? Do not have a budget.
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    I wouldn't get one with a screen. You will end up worrying watching it every second of the day. Just get one that picks up audio
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    There’s too much Chinese tat on Amazon these days, I found it pretty hard to find a decent baby monitor online

    Ended up with the Motorola VM481(£60) which doesn’t have luxuries like tilt and temperature reading but it’s been absolutely great so I would recommend Motorola.

    I’ve no first hand experience with the Motorola VM50G(£130) but it seems to do everything that you’re asking. Although I do agree with Adam below, I hardly ever used the screen, the sound was more than enough to know what was going on. Unless you’re desperate for a top range model, the cheaper one does a really good job at being able to keep an eye on baby. (edited)
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    I have the Motorola VM482ANXL 2.8" Video Baby Monitor. Been using it for 18 months now.
    It has good video quality, temperature monitoring, zoom in/out capabilities but no pan.
    So far so good, only issue is that now the battery only lasts for around 15min max before it needs main power to stay on but not a show stopper.
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    There's definitely a correlation between age of the kid and monitor features.

    We started with a Motorola with a small b&w screen, we then upgraded to another Motorola with colour screen. Both bought 2nd hand birth did great jobs.

    Our youngest is nearly 3 now and whilst we have a cheap webcam and iPad, we just wait for the cry.

    Completely understand wanting to get one with screen though as said an audio one is really still you need.

    They're good for when you don't have a spare iPad or phone for the webcam route, or old people who need simple tech

    Something like the Motorola MBP 18 would do the job. Check FB and charity shops.
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