Baby P petitions

    Dear All,

    following the tragic and shocking circumstances which resulted in the death of Baby P, I was moved to do something to help to make the government realise how unnacceptable this is to the rest of society. The systematic faliures which lead to his avoidable death should not be tolerated in a service which is meant to protect the most vulnerable and helpless of our society. I also think that written warnings, where negligence and inaction result in the death of a child, do not suffice.

    In this spirit, I have started 3 petitions, online, with on number 10 Downing Streets website. It would be much appreciated if you would read them to see if you would like to sign any of them. Should you wish to sign the petitions, which can be presented to the government if we get enough signatures, you can do so by completing the very brief form provided on the number 10 websites. Although I have included brief descriptions of the petitions here with the links, more detailed information can be found by clicking on the number 10 website by searching for the name of the petition you want to sign (PM me if you'd like me to send you a direct link as I'm not meant to put links to other sites on here)

    memoryofbabyp Petition - We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Create an independant department for whistle-blowers to alert of failings in any child protection issue or service, where a child is believed to be at risk. This department would then be required to initiate an investigation and oversee the handling/management of the service in question.

    savekidslives Petition - We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Introduce legislation making professionals, responsible for the protection of children, liable to criminal prosecution when their inactions or negligence have directly contributed to the death of a minor.

    guardianeye Petition - We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Introduce legislation to enable professionals, in child protection services, to carry out surveillance on families where there has been, or if their is evidence of a significant risk of, abuse to a child/children

    If you agree with the content of any of the petitions, then please, please, please sign them. Forward the links and pass them on to anyone you may know that may want to help to make a difference. These are the ways we can have a voice and if we all shout loudly enough, who knows, maybe they will have to listen, charade services may have to be looked at and hopefully children's lives can be saved. It may be too late for Baby P, but there are other children out there who are in need of assistance and protection and it is my belief that they should be able to find this within the services which are funded to provide it.

    Thank you for your time.


    Come on guys this child abuse has to stop!!! ive signed up all three
    best of luck

    I've signed all three. It takes hardly anytime and it can make a difference.

    This won't stop child abuse.

    People should understand the current legislation before signing.
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