baby porridge

hi i bought some baby porridge for babies from 4months for my daughter whos 4months, ive not tried her with it yet and just wondering if any mummies can give me advice as shes my first daughter so not done it before and wanted to know do i just try her with a little bit then give her a bottle or if shes having the porridge does she not have the bottle. dont want to over feed her or not give her enough. or should i not give it her at all even though it says from 4months some people say not to give them anythin but milk till there 6months. thanks for any help advice.


Hi, i have 4 children and my youngest is 2yrs old. when i first started weaning mine i tried baby rice 1st, just gave em a tiny bit to try and then gave em their bottle. i then gave em it in a morning and at nite. once they got the hang of it i gave them a bit more baby rice. i always gave them their bottle though. hope this helps.

My son is almost 5 months and I don't plan to start weeening til he is at least 6 months old. I don't think does them any harm to feed earlier but what's the rush.Trust me I'm on number 3 and it makes life a lot harder. I also prefer to do baby led weening and skip the mush stage which you can do at 6 months.
If you want to start you should start with baby rice, 1 or 2 spoons only once a day initially. Then something like a porrige for a week, then introduce a second meal for a week and finally a 3rd meal. This should all take about a month. An excellent site is [url][/url] where you can join a birth club for people with babies the same age. Don't forget to still give plenty of milk as this should still be the main part of their diet for the first 12 months

At 4 months her main diet must be milk. Are you breastfeeding? I would suggest giving half a milk feed (if she will let you stop!) and then trying some very runny porridge. just put the spoon to her lips and she will suck the porridge off. She will probably only accept a couple of spoons. Then finish the milk feed. You don't want her to fill up on porridge and then not have a milk feed.
I'm a childcare professional and the advice changes all the time. When I qualified we were weening babies at 12 weeks. The advice when I had my kids was 16 weeks although I never quite got them there before introducing solids! I haven't a clue how you would make a hungry baby wait until 24 weeks!!! lol

As you can see just from here the advice is very varied!!! lol. I would suggest trial and error and see what works for you and your baby!

Most importantly though - relax and enjoy it. If you are relaxed your baby will be and things will go a lot smoother.

the important thing is does she need it? i mean is she hungry after feeds? if not there is no hurry to start mixed feeding..if she is sleeping nights etc then shes satisfied. If you think she should have it then just make up one teaspoonful with milk from her feed and make it quite thin..then try her before her feed or if shes impatient halfway or at the end. Just one spoonful is fine for her-then give her the usual bottle. If you are mixing fom her bottle rather than water just be sure she still has enough?
I found mine like mixed feeding and got into a routine easier when on 'solids'
Im sure she will be fine xx

Both my kids were hungry babies and started weaning early on, I found that they would have a bit of porridge and then have their milk, babies won't carry on eating/drinking if they aren't hungry, I would just give a spoon and see how your baby likes it, trial and error is right! Good luck!
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