Baby shower ideas

I'm throwing my friend a baby shower next month and wondered if any HUKD'ers have ideas for games, things to do etc. Thanks


male stripper?

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male stripper?

Good one- will look into it! She has loads of friends from her church coming so always good to cause a bit of a stir, haha


spin the bottle

Ann Summers party?

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Thanks allycat, some good suggestions on those sites!

Gossip and bitch...............or is that a given?? ;-)

At my friends we did.....

all cut a piece of string to the size we think the bump is then all measure after to see who was closest.
taste different baby foods to see how many we could guess (not my fav!!)
smell the nappy! someone put in different foods etc in nappies and we had to guess by the smell (quite funny)
all bring a pressie and the preggie lady had to wear an eyemask and feel to see if she could guess what it was.
get into teams and see how many songs with the word BABY in the title we could write down in 3 minutes
All i can think of for now, hope this helps xx

at my sisters we did guess the weight and date you thought she would have the baby. we never did the sex as she allready knew what she was having! it was funny as it ranged from a 5lb baby to a 10lb baby

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Thanks all, some great ideas I'll definitely be using!
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