Baby Sign language....

Found 4th Nov 2009
Has anyone ever tried?

I'm going to, it will be amazing if it works!

Found a good e-book, a "for dummies" one.

Just need a week to read it all now, eek
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There is some information on here…tml

Its not all positive - there are some concerns that signing will delay natural speech development......
we did this, stopped it in the end, my daughter would not say elephant for example instead opting to sign, twas fun though
We did this with our son. Started at 6 months, it was great and he really took to it, could sign between 30-40 different words by the time he was one. He started talking soon after and everyone remarked at how good a talker he was, problem is he's not shut up since and he's nine now. Lol.

I would recommend this to anyone, as we didn't have the temper tantrums because he could 'tell' us what he wanted and if we didn't understand his speech he would just sign the word.

Was new when we started, but I've heard its quite common now, so you might find some classes listed in your local library.

Hope that helps.
we did it, we both loved it, but stopped at a year as we had so many other baby classes going on etc, but i still carried on doing it at home with her and she can sign and say a few words, i think it helps as she doesnt get terrible temper tantrums because i can understand her needs I went through tiny talk, i think they are nationwide give them a call hth
We did this - I thought it was great. My little girl could communicate really well by signing at age 1. Now almost two she doesn't ever sign but speaks really well in sentences. I found that the signing really helped her communication.
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