Baby souljacker has arrived!

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Found 10th Dec 2008
My beautiful baby boy arrived into the world on monday, weighing in at 8lb 11oz's.

He was due on the 18th so was 9 days early.

I was there at the birth and i have to say it was the best experience of my life! A few tears were shed.

Mother and baby came home this afternoon so the next few weeks are going to be tough while we learn everything as this is our first child,but i wouldn't change it for the world.

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Congratulations! Hope the baby settles in well and is a good wee sleeper!

Congratulations, best get looking for those baby's first christmas deals! :-D


Aww hun, thats fantastic news - really pleased for you x x x

Congrats :-D


[COLOR="Blue"][SIZE="6"]Congratulations[/SIZE][/COLOR]! :thumbsup:

Congratulations! What have you called him?

congratulations !!! its tough at first but once he is in a routine it will get easier, good luck and enjoy xx

Congrats & hope you all have a superb 1st xmas together-

Might not be a 'too much sleep' one though!!!!

name it black gerbil1?


Rouine.......................not your life anymore

He will put you in a routine. Go with it, life will be so much easier. Trust your instinct

Magical time, treasure it


excellant a thread worthy of posting in

Many congratulations to you and your families on the safe arrival of baby souljacker, hoping at some stage he will get his own name, best wishes to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Original Poster

cheers everyone, he's got a name,forgot to post it.

we've called him connor (yes spelt with two n's!:))


welcome to our world connor, may you live a long, happy and healthy life xx

Welcome Connor Congrats to both of you, use will get the swing of things and by at least 6 weeks use will be pro's he's a great weight for being over a week early CONGRATS again hope use enjoy your 1st family Christmas x

I would hope it would be spelt with two n's - I think that's right!!
Welcome to the world little baby Connor - hope it's a world that treats you right and you are loved and cherished.
Congrats to you souljacker and partner - best moments of your lives - make the most of every one of them.:thumbsup:


Congratulations on your new addition and as other have said - enjoy this time as you will never it back and it goes so quickly

Well done to you all xxxx

Well done to the both of you and congratulations

Your lives will never be the same again -I promise


Congratulations, and dont worry its not as hard as everyone makes out we had our first daughter 11 weeks nearly 12 weeks ago and i think its easy, maybe cause we got lucky as all she does is sleep lol

and she sleeps through the night and has done since she was 6 weeks old!!!


Congrats all, especially to Connor black gerbil1 Souljacker. ( Maybe shorten it to Cobg1s? Not sure how to pronounce it though... :thinking: )

But seriously, well done! A great time of year to have a baby with all the family gathered together anyway. :santa: :thumbsup:

congrats,child birth is the best experience ever thats why i did it 5 times lol
glad mother and baby are doing well and have a lovely xmas now your a daddy


The best christmas gift ever hey!!
Many congratulations..


Congratulations on the birth of your son souljacker! Hope the 3 of you have a wonderful first christmas together xx

Congrats hunx

Congratulations Souljacker and mum, Welcome to the world baby connor. I hope you have a lovely family christmas x

Congrats-what a lovely Christmas pressie :thumbsup:

Congrats - that's a big un for being a wee bit early!

Original Poster

cheers everyone, connors spent his first night at home last night and was very good, slept very well and had to be woken to be fed! be nice if it stayed like that but i can't see it lasting


cheers everyone, connors spent his first night at home last night and was … cheers everyone, connors spent his first night at home last night and was very good, slept very well and had to be woken to be fed! be nice if it stayed like that but i can't see it lasting

never wake a sleeping baby i used to do it when we first brought ellie home i soon got used to letting her sleep lol

hope all is well, its great being a mommy and daddy aint it x

Congratulations hun and welcome to the world baby Conner!!!

Best advice I was ever given was listen too 100% of the advice given and then ignore 90% of it


i know how u feel my hubby was the same it is an amazing experience well done and congrats wish you all the best
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