Baby Stair/safety gate advice please!

    I need to buy one for the top of my stairs but I'm concerned that if my daughter puts too much pressure on it, it will come away from the wall. (This happened to my Godson and luckily I was stood there and managed to grab his arm before he fell down the stairs.)
    I know there are ones you can fix to the wall but these look to be permenant as opposed to open and close.

    Any advice and recommendations would be greatfully received.

    Many thanks.


    We have had both. Agreed permenant ones leave holes etc but are very sturdy. pressure mounted ones are fine as long a you tighten them enough and ensure there are adequate surfaces for the pads to mount against.
    Obviously your worried because of your own experience but i'd say provided they are well fitted they are safe x

    we have a lindam one and you fit clear plastic white cups screwed onto your wall then the pressure fit gate fits into those so it cant just be pushed over. they are also quite fiddley for kids to open, unless you have an old child like us who teaches her little bro how to open them LOL.

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    Thank you both for your help.
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    We had a fixed one which was fine (whatever you get make sure it doesn't have a permanent bar at the bottom of the gate, as my brother in law had one like that and tripped down the stairs and broke his arm...! Fine on the ground floor, not good at the top of the stairs!)
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