baby steriliser/newborn starter set offers?

    Hi guys, I need to purchase an electric steriliser and a newborn starter set. Ive seen one on Amazon for £40, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of anything cheaper? Any discount codes?

    This is the cheapest I have seen: Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Electric Steriliser Kit…167


    Seen the Aldi one for a tenner (tommee tippee) 6 bottles. this one you pour water in and put lid on and bang in microwave for 4 minutes. my child has grown up no issues apart from the 24/7 tantrums when they cant have their way (bit like me)

    Seen this in the supermarkets also, about now is baby event clearance so have a look at them (nothing to do with post valentines day though X) )

    Do as the Americans do. Use the dishwasher.

    Oh. Always see them in charity shops and car boot sales. Cheep there to

    I've bought the mam self sterilising bottles that you use with the microwave. Saves buying a steriliser and saves worktop clutter too

    MAM Anti-Colic Self-Sterilising Bottle Starter Set (White)…5ZT


    Do as the Americans do. Use the dishwasher.

    ​Americans are, in broad terms, idiots. You'd do well to not do as they do.

    I bought a steriliser and used it twice. It is better to invest in a big washing up bowl (£2) and just put everything you want to sterilise In there and cover with boiling water! And leave for 10mins. Then drip dry on a drainer. My daughter is 14 now, never got ill oO
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    Not sure why you would want to buy a separate electric steriliser rather than one that just goes in the microwave. Just another appliance to sit on the kitchen counter, at least with a microwave one you can store it in the microwave when not in use and will be more practice/portable if you go away.
    Agree with big weapon07 check out the aldi one.

    Waste of money, hot soapy water is all thats needed


    Do as the Americans do. Use the dishwasher.

    Some american dishwashers have a sanitise program, standard programs don't usually reach the 100 degrees required.

    Would recommend the microwave one too. Much easier to bring along if going away for a weekend

    I had a microwave one for my 1st child then I had an electric one for my 2nd child. Both were Tommy Tipee ones if I remember rightly but I found the microwave one better for storage, the electric one was quite big and was an eyesore on the kitchen side. Both worked well and did as they should. Personally, I couldn't just fill boiling water in a dish and leave for 10 mins, I'd need to know they're sterilised properly in a steriliser (bit of a germ-a-phobe) but it's just personal preference. I think health professionals tell you to use a steriliser for a reason.
    As for the newborn starter packs, Aldi had them quite cheap when I bought mine, again I think it was the Tommy Tippee bottles.

    We used the Milton cold water steriliser. 5 litres of cold water into the container with 1 milton sterilising tablet put all bottles on the solution and they will be sterilised in 15 mins. Only need to change water every 24 hours. I highly recommend! x

    I have an electric steriliser and I would highly recommend it. It does take up worktop space but it's worth it. Just make sure you descale it regularly. I paid £20 for just the steriliser

    sterilisation seems pretty pointless when kids put all sorts In to the mouth in terms of toys drop them and back in all the time a bit of germs if they go thru just builds the immune system. u can't do much though when they in nursery school always getting I'll with the nasty infections and colds from there.
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