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    Heading to France soon and need advice on hypoallergenic suntan lotion for a baby. Last year I went through half of the brands and baby was allergic to all.

    Ambar solaire
    Johnson's baby
    Soltan baby
    La Roc baby

    It costs a fortune and I still have not found one that does not make her eyes swell. Anyone had a similar sensitive baby and found something that works?


    Buy Yves Rocher in any high street in France. Similar to body shop / avon, but much better quality and reasonably priced.

    Or try E45 or Uvistat from this country.

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    Are they ultra sensitive? I tried to work out which of the zillion ingredients baby was reacting to and it was impossible.

    Have you tried your local GP ? We get all suntan lotions from them as the kids need a high factor protection due to their eczema. And if they are under 16 years old they are free.

    It might be worth a try speaking to them. :thumbsup:

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    Might try that ... kinda scared to go back to GP since I took a hissy fit on him last time. Do they have a special make they prescribe? If so what is it? Someone once mentioned tablets you can take that makes your skin less sensitive. Can't remember anything about them.

    The ususlly prescibe Uvistat.

    No tablets and certainly not for a baby. They only have to prescribe where there is a medical condition and up to them what product they give.

    I am concerned re the eye swelling symptoms. What were the reactions on her skin?

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    I am concerned re the eye swelling symptoms. What were the reactions on … I am concerned re the eye swelling symptoms. What were the reactions on her skin?

    She has no reaction on her skin but does have sensitive skin (i.e. if I use biological powder). Her eyes water, and get a little red and her nose runs. I would say similar to hay fever? Her sister is the same. I have used pirotine on sister when someone put the wrong lotion on her and symptoms disappeared quite quickly. Hence I am fairly certain it is an allergic reaction. Sister is not allergic to Soltan ... but baby showed a reaction about the third time I used Soltan on her.

    Johnson's baby was one of the ones she reacted to.

    Guess I should get over my hissy fit and go to the GP.

    the only one I found I could use on my ankle muncher was the ROC one. Mum got it from the doc due to her skin reacting to her chemo and leaving it ultra sensitive. We used it on ankle muncher and he was fine. Every other one he has reacted to but it is a skin rash with him.

    Mum is being shipped off to the doc again to get more!!!!

    Will PM
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