baby travel system pram

    does anyone know any sites for cheap prams travel systems with the car seat inc, i have about 250.00 - 300.00 to spend on one.


    Get a Phil & Teds, expensive I know but if you are planning more than one child it will saves you loads long term. I have three kids and ended up buying a travel system first (we used it for six months), then a Ziko stroller, then we had another kid and got a Phil & Teds, best thing we ever did and I wish I got one first time around. I picked mine up on Fleabay brand new with doubles kit and rain cover for £300 (I admit I was lucky).
    Just my opinion from experience.

    Kiddicare or preciouslittleones are usually quite good

    look at the petite stars they are absoloutly fantastic, very light easy to push, folds down to next to nothing and you can remove carry cot to use as a stroller! ive had 3 children and 17 diff buggies/ prams/ and travel systems and this is by far the best one ever! the (zia and zia4) type in petite stars and will show you where best prices are at the time!

    I live my petite star. Nurseryvalue is a good website for these

    Ive just recently bought the hauck condor. It was about £239.99 on or something like that. Includes carry cot, car seat,, changing bag and available in lots of different colours. Our main issue was the size of some travel systems as we have a smallish car now. First time round we wasted money on a graco travel system and used it for 6 months before buying a quinny stroller. So alot of money got wasted.
    The hauck condor is lightweight, stylish, and is an umbrella fold. Also had excellent reviews
    Heres the link…tml

    we just bought a Hauck system from them, its the 2009 model which was £109 instead of £230 !!! and came with footmuff changing bag and raincover. Also bought the isofix base for the car seat which was £53. So just over £160 for a good system.…051
    Just got the link for it for you and noticed it is now £99 !!!!

    try the pram centre they have some nice ones and delivery is quick as well
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