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Found 27th Aug 2008
my stock of baby wipes has run critically low, and though the potty training is progressing id still lie to stock up. so anyone recommend any deals at the mo, wanna pay no more that 150 a pack. johnsons, huggies, pampers etc. as long as they soft not that nasty teary, rough ones that wilko's do. thought the "dream ones" that they used to do are nice.

also i dont have a home bargains near me, before anyone goes on bout how fab they are. they not that fab afterall cos theres none in the south east. so boots, wilko's, sainsburys, etc. big NATIONWIDE shops please.

thanks for any help.
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They do them in tesco at the min on offer I think it £6.00 for 6 packs, Pampers.

or netto £1.99 a pack bogof pampers


do you have a Netto?
sainsburys.......1/3 off so check it out
yup tesco and asda always have 5/6 packs of pampers and huggies wipes for £5/6 and boots own brand i think on BOGOF if not boots was asda as saw it yesterday and only went in them shops in town and teh works and obviously wasnt the works lol
cool there is a netto in maidstone so not really that close unfortunately. but ill check my local tesco tommorrow. fab thanks. if not then think sainsbury prob my best shot, when theyve had this 1/3 off in past its wrked out cheap to get the value packs of johnosons.

tahnks all
I always use Asda own they are ALWAYS on offer and good quality too..x Think its about 6 for £5 think they do a smaller bulk offer too
boots have all huggies on offer £2.49 buy one get one free.
Have a look here MissGem was asking yesterday, loads of deals to be had hotukdeals.com/ite…es/
Just been to Asda and they have Johnson wipes £2.00 for 2 packs so 99p a pack wont get any cheaper than that, xx
johnsons box of 6 for £5 in tesco

johnsons box of 6 for £5 in tesco

got two boxes of these friday thanks!!! rep added

got two boxes of these friday thanks!!! rep added

glad i could help thx:)
I've got twins and used these things non stop for three years.If you've got access to Costco or Makros check them out,they sell them in six pack boxes.
Superdrug regularly have great deals on wipes too.
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