Babyborn Doll - Look Mummy I Can Swim

    Looking for two of these for my twin cousins. Amazon has them at a ridiculous mark-up but if anyone knows where these are available at RRP (£20) that would be fantastic.



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    £19.95 Out of stock at the moment, but should be getting more - could always try instore?

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    Thanks. They're £15 in Woolies but also sold out. I'll keep looking.



    Seller asking £58 for one on Amazon marketplace. Crazy money. I ordered one from Amazon when they were £24.99. Delivery estimate is by 7th Dec, but as Amazon aren't even offering them for sale now, I'm not hopeful. Think its going to be a struggle to get one.

    hiya the entertainer has them for £19.95 at [url][/url]

    also in the shops. these are very hot this christmas, you'll be lucky to get one. should be coming back into stock soon though


    Ardos are selling them for 19.99 not available for home delivery but not sure if they will be in stock near you. Might be worth a try
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