Babys first Puppy-KEEL (Discontinued 2006)

    I am looking for this 30cm, laying Nursery Puppy, product code SN2745. He is white with pink floppy ears, which are soft on top and silky on the underside. His ears, paws and tail are all pink with white stars on them. He has a silky pink nose.

    Not to be confused with the newer version who has cordroy ears.

    My little girl was bought this puppy at birth and he hasn't left her side 3 yrs later, she sleeps with him and he is her comforter!! until yesturday when we tragically lost him in Eastbourne. She is uttlery devastated, as am I. And would do anything to get him back, or get a replacemnet.
    Can anyone help?


    this is a toy right?

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    Yes, sorry, have i done this wrong? someone suggested i try here. not very good on computer x

    fingers crossed someone will know ... welcome to HUKD.

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    bidding has ended but you could write to the seller to ask.

    ebay number 310125550232

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    Thanks Kippy, but this isn't the actaul one. He is very similar but made of different materials, it is the materials that make him Pup pup I think. I might end up buying the newr model if i have no luck though


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    YES! This is him (i didn't know how to put the link on, I is a bit rubbish on pc, lol)

    However, he is not available from them anymore, I have even rang this company (as well as KEEL) to see if they have any hanging around still. This was an old page I think.

    But that is definitely the one, beautiful isn't he?

    She fell and banged her head today and was asking for him, it was so sad

    Does anyone know where I can get him from?xxx

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    My replies aren't appearing (i tried to quote your no.11 post), but yes the one from Bambinos box is our PUP PUP. But he is not available to buy from there anymore, I've tried. I rang them too, and he's definitly not available from there.

    Thankyou so much for looking

    Well at least I know what it looks like now!
    So sorry they don't have one-that really annoys me when they have it on the webpage as well.
    My daughter has a cat toy and I can only imagine the stress if it was lost so can understand where you are coming from.
    Won't give up looking just yet!
    Keep us posted if you find one.
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