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please help, bit stuck for ideas. My mate has got 21st fancy dress party coming up in about 2 weeks and i don't know what to be. I preferrably want his and hers, been told i can't go as aladdin as jasmine, austin powers and f shagwell, marilyn monroe, a bumble bee, betty boop or belly dancer. All ideas would be much appreciated. Oh and i want to be a bit sexy but not too full on.


I'm not trying to promote ourselved here but get down your local fancy dress shop and ask their advise. If they are any good they will get you sorted with some ideas and costumes in next to no time.
If they are good they'll even have costume ideas to match your looks.
I would always recommend that you hire a costume - but buying maybe easier if you are going to wear and bin.

If you want to browse through a catalogue of to buy costumes take a look at sarahharper.com - this is not a live shop, the prices are not current, so you cant order anything, but it may give you some ideas. (We have got a bit of work to do on this before we go live!!)

If you are buying on line there are a lot of other on line shops to look through, just bear in mind the quality of a typical packaged costumes is not going to be the same as a good quality hire outfit, and by the time you add in all the exras (if you really wanna go for it you may want wigs, teeth, facial hair etc) hiring can actually be cheaper. You really do get what you pay for - a packaged costume is normally sold for a one night party so dont expect to get it back out every year !

We get a lot of customers coming to us having purchased online from other shops and are sometimes dispappointed with the quality of the costumes, they end up hiring something else.
Some purchased costumes are very good, but when you look at what is available you will soon realise there are only a few manufacturers and everyone is buying from these and reselling.
There are a lot of faceless online and ebay stores....please support your local shop and give them your custom. OK no cash back deals, no online promotions, but good honest help.

And it can be quite good fun!

If you are any where near Watford come and see us - we'll sort you out a good pair of costumes.

Good Luck with the party !


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Thanx for replying, I will be checking out my local shop today and there's a biggun in liverpool if i have no joy there, it's getting a bit late to order on line now.

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