Back Exercises...........

    Basically in my last job I really screwed up my back, Lifting heavy things day in day out, Very nearly put my back out altogether, Thats why I left that job.

    I've had a couple of months off work and it hasn't got any better, Its not really that painful any more, But I do get the occasional twinge letting me know that everything is connected to my back!

    I've recently been looking for a job and i'm basically stuck to doing unskilled work, So most likely it will involve heavy lifting again. (Well now any real lifting seems to ache!!)

    So basically, What sort of back exercises could I try?, Seen a couple but want to now whats works best, Its lower back pain.....thanks.


    Strengthen your tummy muscles? Like girlie pilates Seemingly protects your back as it strengthens your middle. Make sure any teacher knows you have had back problems.

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    Could try that, I suppose any muscle build up is good!

    I don't really want to tell my next employer i've got back problems otherwise they won't employ me!

    See your gp and ask to be referred to a physiotherapist. They are the best to advise on exercises to strengthen your back and more importantly make sure you know how to protect your back. Being generally fit, good muscle tone and the right weight, all help.

    My local pct used to have a self referral scheme for physiotherapists ie you rang them directly without seeing a gp first.

    I'm sure I've seen some exercises on the web - I'll have a look...

    when i put my back out... I was told to:

    1) Lie on your stomach and raise your head and arch your back upwards and hold for a few seconds, keep your arms by your side. not forgetting to breathe though (about 20 reps)

    2) lie on your back, place your hand under your lower back and push down using your stomach muscles (20 reps)

    also the reason why i was getting bad backs was due to incorrect lifting cos i have weak knees.

    so again was told to lie on my back and raise my feet slightly and hold it for a while.

    There is some general advice here…d=9

    and there are some excellent fact sheets on here - including ones on exercises (near bottom of screen)..…php
    the exercises they recommend aren't very dignified though......

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    Cheers Fwibble, They sound good.

    @Gari, I'm sort of thinking about physiotherapy, I keep thinking its going to go away, So now i'm hoping some exercises will make it go away, If it doesn't work over the next month, I'll be going to physiotherapy though.

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    Thanks again Gari those links are brilliant (The .Pdf on back exericises looks good.)

    I have the occassional backache myself and I know all the things I'm supposed to do but........

    Good luck :thumbsup:


    Guess it depends on the type of injury/problem you have.
    Try a bit of Yoga or Pilates, but definitely speak to your local gp's physio expert first to make sure any advice you get is not going to cause you any problem.
    Perhaps you may have a bit of sciatica. physio bod should know.
    I stick to simple, easy, short exercises (without weights).

    Hope it helps, and good luck with job huntin'
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