Back massage machine?

Found 30th Dec 2017
I'm looking for a back massage machine (whatever the correct name is) something that I can move around? Do they exist? I've seen one at Costco but it's super expensive and I can't remember the name. appreciate the help
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It is called a husband/wife. Cheapish to pick-up, however continued usage incurs hefty maintenance costs.
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Hello best affordable way is buy a used massage bed, a folding one and have husband friend or relative to massage your back. there are lots of videos online to help you... or try regular stretching exercise.. I suffer from lots of back pain due to disability I find the more I use heat and sit the worse it gets doing basic exercise helps alot.. do not take pain killers unless your in too much pain.. go to pysio...
I misread that as back passage machine.
Depends on how much you want to spend.
The best is called a “Thumper”, if you go to a chiropractor it is what they will use.
Although expensive it has a good warranty and should last years.
I can thoroughly recommend one.…ger
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