Back to basics at MP3 Player?

    Im looking for an MP3 player with at least 20gb hard drive and I only need it for music for under £100, a little more if very good.


    To be honest you'll struggle for a decent player with that capacity under £100.

    How about something like this: ]http//ww…1-1. It's a bit above your budget but that's a lot of player for the money, 30Gb Capacity, plays pretty much anything you can throw at it including videos.

    ]Novatech have 20 GB for £60 or so.


    ]Novatech have 20 GB for £60 or so.

    I don't think that's available anymore. I wanted to get one of these, but by the time I had the money they were all gone.

    *Another Novatech (Commodore) player is available for the same price.…20G
    :-( Shame this was also out of stock when I was looking to buy.

    *Ibusbi Max 20GB MP3 player for £56 delivered from Viking Direct using a 20% discount (Q00-PRDOL) on business site. Without the discount it's £69.99. It has a 2 year warranty. ][COLOR="Magenta"]Review[/COLOR]…HA3

    * ][COLOR="Magenta"]40GB Venturer MP3 Player[/COLOR] Ex- display 12 month warranty & a 21 day money back guarantee. £49.99 plus £6.99 p+p. I never used inest, so I can't vouch for them.

    *If you want a more sophisticated (I assume) player. Archos are selling a refurbished ][COLOR="Magenta"]GMini XS 202 20GB[/COLOR] for £68.38 plus £12.24 del. It has a 6 month warranty.

    * ]MPIO HD 300 20GB (Reconditioned)

    ]Review…20G - the second one that tamoil pointed out is actually the one that I meant to link to. In stock still at about £60.

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    thanks guys
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