Backdoor Access Found in CDATA’s Chinese FTTH Broadband Kit

Posted 11th Jul
With all the news recently about Chinese equipment in in the

telecoms industry, you may like to read this artical. Click
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This is quite alarming. I always thought that the whole "China is collecting your data" & "don't trust Chinese technology" was a big smear campaign run by Western governments. But honestly if this article is accurate, which I don't have reason to doubt, then i'm worried about all the Chinese kit I've purchased over the years, including phones, routers, CCTV kit etc.

If only there was an easy way for me to audit my home network & connected devices for vulnerabilities.
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Does anyone truly believe we are not spied on at all?
We seem to be completely naive or ok with all the spying done by Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc. I also find it funny that some of the people complaining the most about Chinese spying are the ones publishing their entire life on Facebook.

The sad reality is that security agencies of most countries are already spying on what we do in the name of national security. Did anyone ask for consent when all the cameras were installed in cities like London? All that the Chinese will find is what a boring and predictable life I lead .
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The article says it used telnet. Telnet is disabled by default on windows machines. No one I know uses telnet anymore there’s more secure ways like ssh. If your using telnet as a systems admin your asking for trouble
GCHQ have some big building near lands end i am 99.99% all the fibre connections are spliced in to that building before going to the rest of the world
Not exactly news. Here's an article from 2014 about a website that listed 73000 unprotected webcams. Someone even built a website 'gallery' of them like it was an art installation.…ld/
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The backdoor you're referring to is a fairly typical telnet one that can only be reached on the same network.

Same type of backdoor as was found on Huawei routers a year ago - it had been there for years.…ent

And the truly funny thing about Huawei is, there's a special joint evaluation centre between Huawei and the UK's taxpayer funded GCHQ, been running for years, where Huawei code is supposedly scoured for vulnerabilities.…019

That worked well then.
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