Backgarden Turf Question..

    At end of today the gardeners would have finished work my front and back garden, they rotovated the soil and laid brand new turf down.

    how long would it require to "settle" i suppose before i do anything to it, for my daughters birthday on May we wanted to get a climbing frame playcentre simular to this one.…tml

    and didnt know how it would effect the surrounding turf i know the parts it will sit on will become damaged/sunk but because they lay it in rolls i didnt know if it would pull back the turf around it.

    any suggestions would be great.


    No expert, but I think bark chippings or something similar would be better around the frame.

    Grass may look nice, but as sure as today is Monday .. the grass will eventually die at least in parts resulting in muddy areas.

    I don't think local council playgrounds have grass any more near the swings etc, they use a special rubberised mat.

    The turf will need time to settle down and allow the roots to grow, you may have to water it to stop it shrinking (if the weather warms up!) but ask your gardeners for information.
    As for the playcentre it will be fine but give it a month or so before installing, as the grass wears you can consider moving the playcentre to another part of the garden, it looks like there are four fixing points but it depends how it is fixed to the ground, or just get some more turf and re-turf where it has worn. (B & Q sell it in 1 metre strips)

    You can get some turf reinforcement material, I used this straight after laying our turf on the back as this is where swings and trampolines are and its worked well so far, you put it on the top of your and can mow straight over, it works by stopping the top surface of soil getting worn and killing the grass completely, Something like this

    General advice though seems to be wait at least 6-8 weeks after laying before you do anything other than walk on to mow or water it.

    I laid two lots of turf last and one the year before and best advice is for the first few days after laying would be to really give it a thorough soaking on the first few days then just keep it well hydrated after.

    To add to what wbmkk says though a wooden frame set into the ground around the climbing frame filled with chippings would be best.

    You can set the frame into the turf and have the turf grow around it, but it will be a nightmare when it comes to mowing as it will need to be done with a strimmer around the posts and other parts

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    thanks for all the suggestions so far, her birthday is the 22nd of may so thats around 6 weeks her party isnt till the 29th anyway, i think if i buy it mid june it would be better to let the grass grow, wood chips wood prob be better, the garden is fairly big anyway 28 metres long and about 8 metres wide so will take a while to mow without trying to get in and out around wooden beams/poles.. anyone suggest a good cheap petrol mower!?
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