Background internet usage on the iphone

    I'm thinking about buying an iphone 3gs and selling my Samsung Omina i8910 HD - i've still got 18 months on the contract! I enquired about buying the handset from Orange directly, but they said it's not going to happen

    at the moment, i've got 500mb internet usage each month which is plenty for daily use. The guy i spoke to said that switching to an iphone would be a bad idea because of "background updates" which would mean i would go over the 500mb after doing hardly any surfing on the net.

    though, i don't believe him because he also said i would probably lose my unlimited use of texts if i swapped my simcard from current phone to the iphone - after a couple of questions, he admitted that calls and texts wouldn't be affected, but internet usage would.

    can anyone shed any light on the same situation where they've bought an iphone handset and just put the simcard in?

    fyi - it looks like i'll get about £200 for my phone, and will be paying around £400 for the 3gs handset - if you know of any better deals on new handsets, please let me know!



    hi for what its worth, i check my email everyday on my iphone, and spend at least half an hour on the web each day + whatever else and last month i used 130mb - never heard of background downloads tho, i always use itunes to update the firmware. Hope that helps.

    The guy who told you is lieing to you. No such thing as background updates. Only thing would be updating apps but if they are over 10mb it hs to be done by wifi anyway.

    lies lies lies.. don't believe him, get an iphone.. you will not be disappointed

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    thanks guys. i'm going to have a hunt on ebay now methinks.

    out of interest, does anyone know if the settings will be pulled across with the sim card automatically (i.e. will the internet work straight from the off when i start using the handset/.)

    cheers again


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    simple but effective answer
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