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Hi guys,

Wonder if you can help.

I've got a sony ericsson satio and i've just bought an HTC Desire HD.
I'm on O2 and my contacts are backed up on "bluebook" on O2.
I've just had a look and the htc desire hd is not on their list of phones that can use it so i won't be able to download/sync my contacts to my new phone.

Anybody know any other way to do this please?


cant you copy to a sim and transfer to other phones memory..??

with my HTC wildfire the easiest way was to send all my contacts from my old phone (samsung tocco) via bluetooth. it imported them perfectly, only took a few minutes

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It says cannot copy all contact details?

Sync the Satio up to Microsoft Outlook. Then do an export of the Outlook contacts and import it into Gmail account. Then sync Gmail contacts to Desire HD phone. Done it with my N97 to Desire Z

my desire HD just asked me if i wanted to bluetooth my contacts from my old phone(SE T715), followed instructions and it was done in a few minutes
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Ouch. I had a Satio once.... worst phone I ever had. Camera was good though. Hoping to get myself a HTC Desire HD within the next month

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Ok, will have to have a look at outlook but never used it.

Had a look at possibly bluetoothing them but cant see any way of doing it?

Yeh the camera is the reason i got it and is very good.

Search for a contacts backup / restore utility. I use PIMBackup for my WinMo phones which does the trick perfectly, and there's bound to be an Android equivalent.


Had a look at possibly bluetoothing them but cant see any way of doing it?

on my samsung you simply went into the phonebook and choose send via bluetooth then select all, the HTC then auto imported them
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