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    Hello everyone, im going to keep this brief

    im backing up documents from several computers onto one computer using windows backup program. The test I did seemed to work fine, however when performing the actual backup, the data is unretrievable on the destination computer. All the folders are there, but no actual documents. There are a couple of what appears to be outlook files of about 300mb size.

    this backing up business is getting on my nerves, is there a free and easy way of doing it from one computer to another? i do not wish to purchase an external hard drive.

    one of the reasons why i think the backup failed in the first place was because one computer has xp professional while the otherh as the home edition.



    I used second copy and keep files in a native file format (no archiving or compression) - so in the case of the above, I would set up what folders/files I wanted backing up, state how often and then show the location on the network where it is to be saved. It would then do it.

    I assume the machines are networked? Are you copying to the main machine's shares?

    I'd recommend have a look at synctoy, this program is a free utility from Microsoft which simply synchronises files between two locations. This means you can map a drive to the network share where the files are going then setup a folder pair in Synctoy and it will automatically update the network location to be identical to the local one. It's a simple program to use which is quick and there's also plenty of options to goven the behaviour. This is what I use to back up my own systems as it means the files and folders are available as normal on the backed up system although you don't get any compression.

    It shouldn't make any difference that you're going from XP to Home assuming you're using shares or similar, the system should just see the other as a resource it can use.



    Or you could just back your files up on a free server

    such as...................

    Its free and it allows you unlimited space
    And its simple to use

    Good luck.

    Original Poster

    cheers lads, just trying these softwares out, otherwise i'll opt for second copy 7 as this seems to have good reviews, but does costs 30$ per machine
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