Backing up data on Huawei P20 Pro to Laptop

Posted 24th Apr
So my phone is unusable and has a black screen and I can't see anything. I'm not sure if I had autosave on or anything like that, so I was wondering if I can transfer my data from the phone to a laptop even though the phone isn't functioning?
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What kind of data? Photos will be on Google photos. All phone numbers will be on Google contacts. Emails online to. What's app and others tend to back up themselves but you need to look in Google drive for that. I don't want to know what data your after, just saying to go find another device and go look at you Google account online to see what is there before trying to retrieve data for no reason. You can pull SD card out and read off easy enough if there is one
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Can you not use the official huawei app on your pc think its called hiSuite
Have you tried to connect to external monitor? You will have to see what cable you need might be worth a look at.
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