backing up xbox 360 games

hi, still having some trouble backing up my original games, can someone help me?!

what happens when you download rar files?


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how do you get an iso?

are you really backing up your original, or are you downloading copies in rar format?

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i am trying to backup 1 original and have downloaded 1 with rar files


i am trying to backup 1 original and have downloaded 1 with rar files

hah! makes you look half honest

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it is 100% honesty!


when you download a game, you egt about 70 rar files, download WINRAR and then extract any one of the rar files. You will then be left with an iso (image file) and .dvd file. Burn the .dvd file using ImgBurn

Burn at 2x speed for a better burn. :thumbsup:

Wrong place mate, try xbox-scene.

I would recommend you use verbatim dual layer discs when burning, they may be a little more expensive but you get better reliabilty and less coasters for your coffee:thumbsup:

the internet could do with a big, reliable search engine that people have heard and used before to find answers to simple questions.

Shame there isnt one.

Oh wait....
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