Backing up/Converting HD-DVDs

    Im wondering if anyone here has successfully backed up their HD DVDs into a format on their pcs that can be played on a ps3 either by streaming or by putting it on a big hard-drive in the PS3? I understand that they will be BIG files so streaming probably won't work.

    Looking on google it seems that at the moment there are ways of doing this but it is a long-winded process. However, the threads I have found are old so it may be that there is a better easier method that someone knows about(?)

    If not, it may be that an easier method comes along in the future.




    might be some use in … might be some use in this?

    Ohh snap!

    Original Poster

    lol, quick! Thanks I'll have a read!

    *edit: All looks like French to me, but I'll see if I can get my head around it! Some rep for you both

    FYI i have a bout 10 and they avg 15gb each, you need a big hard disk,,
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