Backpack for laptop and gym stuff?

Found 5th Mar 2014
I'm looking for a backpack that will hold a macbook pro, books, gym clothes and a protein shaker without killing my back as I walk around for a huge part of the day.

Where can I get one from that's big enough to hold all this this stuff? I tried looking in Argos, sports direct and Animal; but all of these places only seem to stock smaller backpacks that are designed for school kids.

I can't think of any other retailers that would sell backpacks and I would really like to buy one from an actual store so I can see exactly what size bag I'm buying.

Does anybody have any suggestions?
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Go outdoors, Millets or Blacks stores are good, take a look at the Berghaus remote range. I found the 25l backpack a good size and comfortable, Amazon have it on offer for £26 at present which is a good buy
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I used to go through mediocre backpacks at a rate of knots and eventually decided to invest in a Wenger backpack. The build quality is unfaultable....mine is 15 months old and hasn't had a single fabric tear, rip or breakage. There are a few issues I'm not completely happy about but they're more specific to the design of my particular bag.
There are quite a few different models out there e.g. serversdirect.co.uk/Swi…asp
I ordered this from amazon recently for £47 - it's never been in stock and looks like it may never come in, but out of all the Wenger bags, I like the look of this the most

the other names mentioned above are also top quality.
Don't waste your money on budget junk, it's a false economy, and you may find your bag ripping, spilling your precious MBP as you're running for the bus in the rain.
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