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Found 12th Apr
My quiksilver backpack which I bought new only back I'm September has just packed in - zip has came off the runner. I've searched high and low but cannot seem to find any info re warranty.

I previously owned a backpack from the brand animal who offer a 2 year guarantee. I also had to use that at about 20 months and they were awesome and sent me a cheque after inspecting my backpack.

I use a backpack everyday for work and had expected better from the quiksilver one. Since there's little hope of a replacement or refund from them I'm now on the hunt for a new backpack, however I'm not willing to make the same mistake - this time Ill be sure to buy one with a guarantee of at least 1 year so can anyone let me know any companies /brands that offer this? (Except animal)

I've also seen a few deals on here before for eg berghaus backpack on Amazon - what would the warranty period be like for Amazon?

Help appreciated. I'm rather miffed at the terrible quality of this quicksilver one - yes I use it daily but I do treat it with care

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I've had one of the Berghaus bags for about 4 years, used it every day and it is starting to wear out now (waterproofing inside is wearing away). I figure it could still last a year or two more before replacing though...
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