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Hello All,

Iv just finnished uni and always wanted to do a backpacking experience. Has anyone done one before? If so have you got any suggestions on companys to use, countrys to see or good deals?

Im thinking about visiting vietnam with this deal:…11/

I really like the look of vietnam and need a bit of help deciding how to start my trip of a life-time

any help is greatly appreciated



asia is fantasic to start your trip, you dont need to go through sites to start your experience, fly to bangkok thailand you will meet lots of backpackers around the khao san road area.
and travel from bangkok to other places like loas , cambodia , vietnam ect ect will be pretty cheap
but this all depends on how long you will be backpacking for but bangkok is always a favourite starting place in asia with backpackers.

I agree, Asia is an awesome place for backpacking. There is a regioal airline called Air Asia which is very cheap for flying around asia.. I flew from Bangkok to Singapore for £30 return last year!


Hey i don't really comment on this forum but this is an area of great interested to me!

I have traveled around the world twice so far both for 10 months, one when i was 18 and one last year! I also running a business connected to the backpacking and traveling world, so i have extensive and up to date knowledge!

Let me know if you have any questions more the better and i will be able to help you out from best flights, insurance companies to just some places to see and places to avoid!

Just give me a PM with your questions and i can give you some advice!

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Thanks for the help, I have pm'd you cand14. I love the look of asia and the fact that its so beautiful and cheap over their is a real plus.
I have around 3 weeks to travel tops and limited funds. What routes have people taken before?


I thinking with 3 weeks you should concentrate on one country and i would say Thailand so much to see and do! And still very cheap place to travel around and eat etc... I have PM'd you back!

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Thanks, yes Thailand sounds it would be perfect

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Hi again, can anyone find cheap flights from manchester to bangkok for this monday or tuesday returning in weeks time please? cheapest I have found is around 500

Thats around the cheapest price now. I have been hanging out till a new promotion comes out hopefully soon, bagged a flight around this time last year with Etihad for £336 .
enjoy your trip to Bangkok your going to enjoy it shame its only a week it will go so fast.

fly with Eithad or Emirates there great takes around 16 half hours with a stop off in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

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i think im gonna go for 3 weeks but need to figure out a route and things to see. Any suggesstions?

for me I always return back to Bangkok 1or 2 nights before i return home as I always buy a return flight from Bangkok.
there are many things to see in Bangkok of course you will want to visit the main temples
Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaeo) grand palace
Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho) ect.
Temple of the Dawn (Wat Arun) these are a must.
take a tour or have a meal on the Chao Phraya River
travel by the sky train easy and cheap way to get around bangkok
central world plaza , siam paragon , china town.
floating market is very popular tourist attraction but it does get hot and sticky there also go see the bridge over the river kwai amazing also a very popular attraction.
visit the famous kho sarn road. (back packers paradise). great for a night out and you will meet 100s of back packers.
there are so many things to do and see thats just Bangkok.
Phuket , Koh Samui , Chiang Mai also very popular to soak up some sun and relax. i would avoid pattaya unless you just want to party and have a good night
take a look on trip advisor website it should help you out with what you want to know and things you might like to visit.
i mostly fly with Thai airways or Bangkok airways when flying to the islands but Airasia have had some good deals out which will fly you to singapore , hongkong , malaysia , vietnam for around £30.
cant wait to go myself in sept.
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wow that sounds amazing, yes ive been doing a bit of research and will be staying in bangkok for a couple of days to see the temples and floating market. Then a night train to chiang mai to do a tour or two in the jungle and elephant experiences. But Id love to go to one of the moon parties too but dont know how to fit it in.

If i fly out on 12th, 13th or 14the June the Half moon party is on the 24th so would you suggest travelling South first to Koh Samui etc then up North?

thanks for the help, I really appreciate it

you can get a flight from chaing mai to koh samui which would be your best bet then from koh samui you just take a boat over to koh phangan but it does get busy so make sure you book your hotel in advance but loads of people end up sleeping on the beach or just not going to sleep.
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Great, do you think that flight will be expensive? Ill probably just end up sleeping on the beach haha! where would i put my backpack do you think?

what have you got planned for september? how long are you going for?

your looking around 4,000 baht one way chiang mai to samui it might be better flying out from bangkok

just search on thai airways or bangkok airlines websites. i think there are only 2 airlines which fly to koh samui or might just be only bangkok airlines.
just book a cheap room when you get there to put your luggage in. but do book in advance

i dont have anything planned I will just do my thing once I am over there might take a trip to Singapore for a few nights.but easier said than done once your in Thailand it seems to keep you there ive met people who where meant to stop in Thailand for a few weeks then travel to Australia and never did make Australia ended up staying in thailand for 2-3 years
I am going for 1 month but just hoping a promotion for a flight comes out soon.

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Haha! hmm I dont think ill be able to afford that haha! Might have to rethink some stuff. Travelling on my own but would love a travel buddy with some experience.

Same for me this year not looking forward to the long flight on my own.haha you best bet is to take trains and busses which are a lot cheaper.
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