Backup Laptop - easiest way for a novice?

Posted 20th Sep
What is the safest and easiest way to back a laptop up please? (Including lots of photos).

Thank you
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external hdd?
The simplest way would be to simply just backup Music, Photos & Documents to an External hard Drive, alternatively you can create a windows image from windows itself, goto Control Panel, then click on Backup & Restore (Windows 7) and then from the left-hand pane click create a system image... this will create an entire backup of everything on the PC, you will need an external hard drive to create a system image. I would ignore people who say backup to a cloud, this takes forever especially if you have lots of photos, on average to backup around 500 photos even at a decent speed to cloud you looking at least 5+ hours, dependent on your internet speed it could literally takes days & days trust me on that one, I tried to backup 3GB to cloud once and it took 2 days, the reason is because your upload speed is always much slower than download speed, so why people suggest backup to cloud is beyond me, yes its safer but you need patience and lots of it, and to backup an entire PC (say around 125GB) I dare to think I long it would take, I estimate it would take around a week+ without turning off your PC within that time.
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You don't say what operating system the laptop has, but both Windows 10 and Mac OS have decent built in backup features (File History and Time Machine respectively) so just buy some external storage, connect it and turn them on.
How big is your photos folder? You could always back it up to Google Drive/One, you get 15gb of storage for free but can upgrade to 100gb for £1.59 a month. But of course you can always just buy an external HDD or large USB drive/Micro SD and backup all your media on to that.
Easiest would be simple copy&paste to a specific (dated?) folder on a suitable size USB stick or external drive, then immediately wrap that storage device in some protective material and optionally store in a different building to where the laptop is used/stored, ideally in a fireproof box.
Photos & videos can additionally be backed up to cloud via Google account and conditional freebie Google photos app…o=0
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