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Found 11th Apr 2011
I'm waiting for a payment to come through, any idea how long bacs takes coming from a santander account to lloyds?
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Santander are very slow in my experience, will take about 3 working days.
so, so much for the fast payment service, lol.
If it's a BACS payment (differs from internet banking transfer) it takes 3 days.
Yes, if it is a BACS payment then it should be in your account on Day 3. UK banks do now operate what is called Faster Payments whereby payment should typically be received by the recipient within a 2 hour window. However, not all payments between UK banks (all sort code combinations) are currently configured to effect payments under the FP regime.... and also there is also the usual annoyance of bank floor limits... (typically a couple of thousand pounds)
considering this fp system has been inplace since 2008, you would have thought more banks would be apart of it.

Santander ,bank , your having a laugh.sloooooooooooooooooooowwwww.*ankers.
3 days my last Santanfer BT to Barclays arrived on the 3rd day.

Look … Look Here UK plcOnly £300.00

Thats if you phone them to do the transfer.

If online:

Please allow four working days for your payment to be received. If we receive your request before 5.30pm on a working day we will normally process your request immediately. If we receive your request after 5.30pm or on a non-working day we will normally make your payment by 9am the following working day. Your payment will appear as 'pending' until it is processed.…eA2

put a santander bacs cheque into my santander account on the 15-7-2014 and still has'nt cleared getting really cheesed of now with it being my own money
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