Found 16th Apr 2008
I live in a small apartment block (15 apartments) Most residents pictures are excellent some are only ok.
Been there since new which is 6months, we have a lcd with intergrated freeview and over past few wks we're getting fewer and fewer channels, if its raining or snowing we're stuffed!!
I bought a new aerial cable coax to coax the other day but that not helped so its not the aerial, it seems our indoor aerial works better then pluging into wall (still cant get all channels with indoor)
Do you think we would benefit from a booster?

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i Tried a booster. and it did no good. If you have a good signal already then it boost that. but if you have a bad signal like me it boost the badness. ie no good. Really you need a great big ariel. I live in London too and my signal is no good.

If you have a communal aerial/antenna/dish etc get the management company (if you have one) to sort it out. If everyone elses signal is still okay (have you confirmed?) you may be last in the line or on a separate system that means only you/some are affected.

Maybe signal strength has dropped due to aerial moving in bad weather, a connection within system is incorrectly fitted or some sort of antenna matching circuitry is failing?

I had a problem like this, it turned out that my aerial was actually just the cable running on the roof, I got someone in to put up a new aerial since then, it has been excellent.
I would advise you to look outside and see if you can visibly trace the cable to the aerial, and see if the aerial is pointing in the same direction as others around.
If you see a problem, may be worth either sorting it out yourself, or getting someone in.


just beacuse you bought a new coax cable doesnt rule out your aeriel.

most probably is that. boosters helps a lot on all 5 of my tvs. Split 3 & 2 from two rooftop aeriels.

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No i meant the aerial cable not faulty not the aerial itself...


get a booster from argos for about £9. take it back if it doesnt help.
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