Bad Back!

    Is sleeping on a matress on the floor bad for your back/ could it give you a back ache, I brought a new house 6 months ago and still dont have a bed just the matress on the floor the OH is now complaining of a bad back and is convinced the lack of bed is NOT the cause of his pain, but I think it is. Just looking for advice really?

    Thanks in advance


    Personally I doubt it. Lying on a harder surface is good for your back. It also depends on the matress, it it's old or too soft then it is likely. I find sleeping/lying on the hard floor or a futon make my back feel better.

    I'm aching aswell, back, legs, arms... OWWWWWW

    no i wouldn't think so

    Possibly. As you're low to the floor you may be getting a draught, that'll do it.

    when you suffer from a bad bad back you are meant to lie on floor to ease it

    I think it might depend how restful a sleep your OH is getting. If he is tossing and turning and tends to sleep on his side it might be causing a problem....
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