bad day at bedrock!!

    1st ikea cabinet what i was building fell to bits so took it back for an exchange and was told it hadnt been scanned so it was free and then i had to go and buy 1.

    2nd bent down back went ended up on bed feeling sorry for myself

    3rd im missing a door so will have to go to ikea again

    4th using stanley knife and missed and sliced my finger ended up in minor injuries for stitches

    bad times !!



    aww deedums

    i'd mark today down as lesson learnt... you want a job doing - get a man in !!!!



    Do i really need to say anything Mr Porter LMAO :whistling:

    the porter;7842047

    Ogh my southern friend every dog has it's day ,when your thread comes up … Ogh my southern friend every dog has it's day ,when your thread comes up ,the csa are banging at my door for kids all over the south of England and hundreds of agrieved husbands are banging at your door ,then I will sit here pmsl at you ;);-)

    I really don't know how to take that

    Not good at all well at least the day is almost over:thumbsup:


    the porter;7842065

    I knew I could count On the Manc minx xx

    Get to bed
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