Bad feelings evoked by games consoles

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Found 25th Feb 2007
I have decided to copy my post from the currys ps2 deal so that if anyone needs to let off steam they can do so without insulting a members who comment (or even proffer a deal)
...'There is WAY too much console snobery. We have a couple of ps2's in the house and very happy with them thanks very much. As i try to instil into our kids - IT'S A GAME! for heavan sake, Maybe if you are buying for adult gameplay (on an adult pocket) you can afford to be picky, but i refuse to pander to EVERY new and undated product on the market. I am not aware that my familys life has fallen behind by not being the first to have a new trend. As was mentioned in the Asda ps2 thread, not everyone can afford (or even want) a flashy new console - and lets face it in 3 years time - 1st gen. ps3's will be old hat too - what you gonna do then - replace it ....AGAIN' ..(lights blue touch paper and retires:giggle: )


I suppose a number of factors come into play here

1. Some folk like to be at the cutting edge of everything new.
2. To be at that cutting edge you will always be paying through the nose to be there with the newest technology.
3. Like you say not everyone can afford to be at the forefront and quite rightly these people wait till the technology is affordable.
4. For my daughter I like to get items that are still very technologically advanced compared to my days as a kid when the most popular (and most expensive present ) was usually a bike! Hence I bought my daughter an ipod shuffle (the old type) as they were cheap from the US. In addition she now has my old ps2 having upgraded to an XBOX 360.

So long as your kids are happy who cares if they havent got the latest games console :thumbsup:

I do have a wii but that is the first console I have ever bought brand new out (except handheld i had a ds on launch).

However since I was a kid I grew up with 2 brothers who HAD to have the new system it was the be all and end all to them which I personally didn't understand, I used to happily wait till a new system came out that they NEEDED and I'd ask if i could borrow the old one, which would keep me entertained for far longer as it would have a greater range of games, and since i'm a picky player and only like certain things was def the best thing to do.

I'd have my new ps2 anyday over a ps3 (saying that i wont turn down any that people want to give me as thats just stupid lol)

Buying the newest tech isnt always a great idea - often very buggy. Eg MS XP/ Xbox 360 disc scratching fiasco (and beyond.. Had 2 fail personally.. gave up on that, though if I knew it would work n wouldnt cost an arm n a leg I'd consider buying another).

It's always going to be an individual choice - newest or cheapest. Gotta draw line somewhere.
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