Bad frostbite?

    Had the day off work yesterday as couldnt get into work, and about 1 in the afternoon went outside with the other half and her daughter to throw snowballs about, probably 15 minutes tops.

    Now the following day my fingers are still numb. Almost like permanent pins and needles in the tips. Im sure when i was younger this used to go away within an hour or so, and now its coming up to 24 hours later. Anything to worry about? lol


    You'll be known as stumpy by the end of the week.

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    i can feel them tho, they are just numb

    Wouldn't think so, maybe just taking a bit longer than normal to get the circulation back in your fingers. If they start to drop off tho' you should maybe give the doctor a call!! ;-)

    It's chilblains!! Itchy,numb, painful bits where the skin is damagd by too much range of temerature, you'll live!!
    Look it up on Wikipedia, often confused with frostbite....

    [FONT="Book Antiqua"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="Magenta"]It doesn't sound like either as no blisters or red sores etc...

    ring dr'd for bit of advice, they will normally speak to you on phone then advise you what to do

    good luck :thumbsup:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

    You'll probably get a bit of pain as soon as the blood starts flowing normally. The pins and needles are a good sign that there is nothing much wrong.

    If they hurt on re-warming then its a Non Freezing Cold Injury - I suffer from the same thing. Mines quite serious, got me medically discharged from the Army and disables me from working outside in conditions below 5 degrees celcius. I'm a very cold person lol.

    Although it sounds like you just have bad circulation. Do you smoke? That could be a problem?

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    dont smoke or anything and never had anything like this before although to be fair its the first time ive been picking up snow or anything this cold for probably 5 years or more. My fingers arent cold to the touch so the blood is flowing through them ok


    I'm a very cold person lol.

    Hence the penguin avatar?


    Hence the penguin avatar?

    That and its a damn cool avatar :thumbsup:

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    Well, still have it, nearly 4 days after the event! There is no swelling, no hardness or blisters etc. Just completely numb finger ends like permanent pins and needles. Most annoying and am not sure how long this will take to go!
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