Bad Luck this week for Faulty goods!!!

    Sick to death of sending things back now. Why people cant send out goods that are actually sellable is beyond me. ok heres my rants

    1st i got a big cat scratch pole from ebay which is set ontop of like a triangle box with holes in, it came and the top under the pole has unglued and is colapsed. the seller wont pay for me to return it. it was £25 but is big and will cost about £10 to send back. its not worth me sending back as it will have cost £35 by then.

    2nd ordered a clearence d900 on o2 from which i know have been patially used and sent back. but when i got it, the camera froze the whole phone so i had to send it back. i recieved my new one and that is faulty too the slide action is stiff and sometimes sticks. for £35 a month id expect it to work. im thinking i might go with a different company. the only clearence bit is you get over £300 back in cash back. but id rather a phone that works i think. im thinking about writing to the company and explaining my problems.

    what do you think? is it worth it? shall i cancel my contract and go somewhere else?

    3rd i bought a HDD 3'5 enclosure from ebay, a cheapy one aye but still expected it to work. £11 it was like. doesnt show up in windows, turns on, and i can hear it, and it says when i plug it in that its installed and ready to use. but it doesnt show in my computer....any ideas?

    anyway im slightly P'd off today, im thinking about boycotting internet buying for a while as its not worth the hasstle this week.


    What have we learned? Don't even bother with ebay as return policies are always rubbish!

    I much prefer going into an actual shop and buying something.

    Original Poster

    Yeah well i think i will do that from now on.

    anyone know why the HDD isnt showing in my computer? its driving me crazy

    Hard drive ok my shout is right click on my computer and then select manage. Device manager find your hard drive it most likely needs formatting before use hope this helps.

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    its under hard drives on device manager but usb device also. and when i right click on it it doenst give an option of formatting? just properties, uninstall etc. and i cant find it on properties..any ideas? lol

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    under 'volumes' on the properties menue. there is no info at all??? so im assuming your right? or the hdd is faulty?
    lol clicked populate and its shown the details...

    still no format tho

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    anyone? how do i format an external hdd?

    Is the Hard Drive a new one?

    If so, it needs partitioning and formatting before it is seen...

    Go to Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Computer Management> Disk Management and you will most likely see 'Unallocated' with the size of your drive (althought it may ask to initialize the disk in a pop up, if so, next all this to initialize), then Right Click on the 'Unallocated' and choose 'Partition', go through this, format and bob is your uncles monkey...

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    thanks m8 :thumbsup: its busy formatting now...your a star.....

    Sorry Taz went for dinner otherwise would have responded glad its now sorted.
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